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Northern Ireland is a country steeped in a rich history. Bordering with the Republic of Ireland, it is an independent British colony, renowned for its diverse landscapes and Norman era Castles. It’s capital city Belfast is famous for its proximity with the Giant’s Causeway, a dynamic, otherworldly geographical landscape shaped from ancient volcanic activity that is engulfed in myths and legends from throughout history. Some say it was the home of fabled giant Fin McCoo, who cast the rocks into the sea to construct a house for himself and his son. Also in Belfast are the amenities one would expect to find in any bustling metropolis, including world-renowned restaurants, nightlife and some of the countries most highly regarded dental practitioners and cosmetic specialists.

Smiles of the stars

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One such specialist in the field of cosmetic dentistry is Blue Sky Dental, who offer a wide range of dental treatments that are catered to the individual needs of the patients and established only after building a fundamental bedrock of good rapport and trust between patient and practitioner. Cosmetic tooth whitening is a popular service which is offered here. Although it by no means a contemporary procedure, the services offered are to the highest standard available on the market. The use of teeth bleaching as a method of removing unwanted stains from teeth first emerged in 1989, when Dr. Van B Haywood first combined carbon peroxide with a gel, which was then applied to teeth directly. Today the process isn’t vastly different as with the teeth whitening procedures offered a Blue Sky, a similar gel is still applied. However, with Power Teeth Whitening procedures, after the gel is placed on the patients teeth, a high-powered laser is then used to activate the bleaching ingredient within the gel. This results in an instant brightening of the patient’s teeth and the eradication of stains, which can vastly boost their self-confidence and being back their smiles. Home teeth whitening procedures are also available from here, whereby a custom made mould is created from the patient’s mouth, and they then apply a whitening gel within it and wear it over their teeth for a few hour at a time. The results of this are visible within two weeks, and it can be done at the patients leisure.

Bridging the gaps

Dental implants are another service which is offered here, which can help restore a patient’s smile and bring back their self esteem. Implants are typically only opted for in cases that a tooth is missing or damaged beyond repair. The basis of the procedure consists of a small home being made where the gap in the patient’s mouth is, and a titanium screw being emplaced. Then, after the screw has had time to fuse with the bone, a replica porcelain denture is attached to the screw. Thus, restoring the patients smile and bridging the gap with a practically indistinguishable tooth that is both durable and lifelike. Patients who have underwent dental implant a procedure can find it boosts their confidence in an innumerable ways as they no longer have a gap in their mouths and have the ability to smile fully. As well as this, dental implants also help prevent any further damage to the surrounding teeth, which could result in further orthodontic work being needed in the future.

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